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Fringe Studio
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The Curious - The Scarce - The Beautiful

Fringe Studio is originated from United States. It is young, but itˇ¦s growing very rapidly in the Home Decor and Gift market.

In recent years it continues to double its sales as its unique styles and tastes have received tremendous popularity among customers.

Fringe Studio specialized in the design and development of decaled glass and porcelain products. Their unique style always attracts attention and stimulates senses of the audiences in every occasion.

Even though Fringe Studio was only recently established in 2003 and was a newcomer in this market, it didnˇ¦t discourage Fringe Studio from being unique and different to challenge our traditional senses about home decors.


It is Fringe Studioˇ¦s belief that everyone has the endless desire and curiosity for scarcity and beauty.

Tremendous efforts are constantly spent in bringing out the liveliness in vintage artworks. It is this kind of desire and persistence for excellence and beauty that makes every single piece an instant classic in its own right.


Henry Cats & Friends
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Infusing Art & Love into life!

Welcome to the world of Henry Cats & Friends created by renowned artist Henry Lee. By originating the ingenious and unique Artstone animals, Henry has established a symbolic world of adorable animal friends that live together harmoniously. Over the years, Henry has created hundreds of Artstone cats and his menagerie has expanded to include dogs, owls, pandas, pigs as well as many other animals.

In 2003, Henry and the art studio partners then set up the designing company Henry Design & Associates and bring forth the new brand "Henry Cats & Friends" in 2005, turning his unique art creation into extensive series of collectibles, gifts, stationery, and home products.

By putting his spirit and heart into the design, Henry wishes to encourage all of us, through his unique insight and artistry, to appreciate and cherish our most friendly neighbors on the planetˇXthe lovely animals!




  LiLiz - Artist Signature Bag Collection is a brand devoted for handmade designer quilt bags. Every thread and needle in the making of our bags is empowered by hearts and souls of our skillful team of designers and bag makers.
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Natural Life
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Give, Love, Laugh

Natural Life is established in 1997. The founder and Creative Director, Patti Hughes, is from California, United States. She is personally involved in the process of design and development of every piece of product to ensure that her vision and passion for natural living and beautiful life style are shared with souls around the world.

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