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Mentor International Corporation was established in Taipei, Taiwan on June 9th, 1980 by Agnes and Jacker Ho.
During the first 12 years, stationed mainly in Taiwan, we dedicated on collectible products, including collector's plate, figurines, ornament, dolls, collectible gifts & toys, accessories, etc., for major marketer, such as Bradford Exchange, Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Hamilton Collection, Georgetown Collection, Tonner Doll Company, Precious Moment Company, Disney Store, etc..


Since 1992, we have started to build up resources and facilities in Mainland China. After 11 years of operation, Mentor China Office (MCO) has successfully integrated a group of affiliated factories specializing in the following areas: ceramic ware, cold cast resins, dolls & plushes, glass wares, metal wares, wooden wares, PVC & acrylics, printing matters, etc.. Now, we are fully prepared to directly provide complete service - developing, manufacturing and supplying - to all major retailers and marketers in U.S. and in global markets, especially on the open line of home products, including collectibles, house wares, home decor, and garden account.






- To Organize People of Talent Together and Make Efficient Use of Advantageous Resources

- To Enlarge Business, Generate Profits, and Share All Parties Involved

- To Pursue Success in All Aspects of LifeˇXin Person, in Family, And in Career






To Become the Most Leading International Supplying Group with

- High-level Diversification

- Well-developed Globalization

- Top-notch Digitalization


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